Our Services

We Provide Following Deposit Services


Special Saving Deposit

MPFC Offers to you Special Saving Deposit,  This refers to deposits with specific term, with a higher interest rate and evidenced by a Special Savings Deposit Passbook. The account can be terminated anytime the client needs the funds, however no interest will be given if they have not yet reached their term or maturity date


Saving Deposit

MPFC Provides to you Saving Deposit, Infact it is Accounts that pay interest, typically at below-market interest rates, that do not have a specific maturity, and that usually can be withdrawn upon demand.  It does not have cheque facilities and usually do not have a linked debit card facility, it has limited transfer facilities and cannot be overdrawn.


Current Deposit

MPFC Provides to you Current Deposit,  In deposit terminology, the term Current Deposit refers to a deposit to a bank account or financial institution without a specified maturity date. These types of Current Deposit account generally only earn demand deposit interest.


Recurring Deposit

MPFC Offers you Recurring deposit (RD) it is a popular savings alternative to fixed deposits and long term post office schemes among investors. In a recurring deposit one has to save a certain amount every month for a fixed tenure. … One can open a recurring deposit either with a bank or with the post office.


Fixed Deposit

MPFC Facilitates to you A fixed deposit, it refers to an investment scheme that banks and non-banking financing companies provide. FDs offer greater returns on the principal invested when compared to the returns generated from a regular savings account. Fixed deposits have a fixed tenure, hence the name.